Directors Strategy and Performance Conference

Join Tom Glatt and his fellow presenters at Credit Union Conferences 2024 Director's Strategy and Credit Union Performance conference.  The conference will be held April 22 - 25, 2024 at the Omni La Mansion del Rio Hotel in San Antonio, TX.

The world is changing everyday. New technologies, new payment methods, new member communication channels, new competitive trends and cybersecurity risks, and so much more. How is your credit union preparing and adjusting to these new trends? Join credit unions from across the country as they explore these topics and related trends at the 2024 Director's Strategy and Credit Union Performance. For complete conference details and registration, visit the official conference site.

GC Session Details

Glatt Consulting's Tom Glatt  will deliver three sessions at the conference, with topics ranging from value propositions to attracting next generation members. Each session is further described below.

Using Value Propositions to Diversify Revenue

Loan interest income remains the highest, most prevalent source of revenue for most credit unions. But there are ways to "think differently" about what your credit union offers to members to diversify sources of revenue - beyond resorting to punitive fee income. In this session, Tom Glatt will explore the unique ways credit unions are rethinking value propositions in order to create new and profitable connections with members.

The Competitive Landscape

The competitive landscape has never been more diverse and threatening than it is now. And the competitive pressure is not likely to let up any time soon. In this session, Tom Glatt will walk you through an overview of top competitors across the country, and in the process help deepen your competitor awareness and better prepare you to develop an "appropriately responsive" strategy at your credit union.

Attracting and Retaining Next Generation Members

Credit unions want to grow, especially in the key demographic groups that constitute “next generation” members. Far too many credit unions, however, still rely on strategies more suited to baby-boomers - strategies that repeatedly fail to attract the attention of younger members and potential members. In this session, Tom Glatt will help you chart a better course, deepening your understanding of “next generation” interests and highlighting the critical strategies necessary to attract them to your credit union.