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Glatt Consulting Group, Inc. provides distinctive strategy consulting that leads to achievement, growth, and financial health for our credit union clients. Our specialties include assistance in defining corporate strategy, elevating board governance, designing organizational structure and workflow, and working with credit union leadership teams to improve and better leverage organizational culture.

Long-time credit union consultant Tom Glatt, Jr. founded Glatt Consulting in 2006 following eleven years of strategy consulting at bank/credit union consulting firm Counter Intelligence Associates. Since its inception, Glatt Consulting has emerged as a trusted resource within the credit union community, a firm to which credit union leaders turn when in need of clear strategy and execution support.

Glatt Consulting also created and publishes the influential Credit Union Industry HealthScore, a composite performance score designed to gauge the financial health of US-based credit unions. The HealthScore is released quarterly and is used by Glatt Consulting, individual credit unions, and media professionals alike to track, report on, and respond to industry-wide trends affecting credit union health.

Our Approach and Philosophy


One of the best compliments we have ever received is that we don’t bring a hidden agenda to projects. Our solutions are client-centered, designed to assist clients in defining and fulfilling their own objectives.

Industry Specific

We know credit unions, and the particular kinds of industry-specific challenges they face. Our solutions are seamlessly applicable to the business and structure of credit union cooperative institutions.

Focused Processes

Over-engineered solutions cause harm. They cost more, and leave the buyer overly dependent on the provider. Our processes are focused and simple, resulting in impactful and cost-effective solutions.

Strategy, Design & Culture

All businesses are challenged with maintaining a proper relationship between strategy, governance, organizational design, and leadership. Our solutions strengthen the bonds between these three critical areas of board and management responsibility.


While we’ve been open for business for more than 12 years, the genesis of our relationship with credit unions dates back to 1995 when founder Tom Glatt, Jr. first began consulting for credit unions. That’s 24 years of industry experience you can trust.

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