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Glatt Consulting Group, Inc. is a boutique consulting firm serving the credit union community. We manage a small collection of clients, a strategy that enables us to develop deep and meaningful connections. We'd love to work with you!

Long time credit union consultant Tom Glatt, Jr. founded the firm in 2006. We focus on four core consulting disciplines and two industry segments. Our disciplines include strategy, business model structure, leadership, and governance. Our segments include senior executives and boards of directors.

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Tom Glatt is the founder of Glatt Consulting and serves as a principal consultant on credit union strategy, business model, leadership and governance projects.

Tyler Glatt is an associate at Glatt Consulting and serves as a credit union research and data analyst for HealthScore and client market analysis projects.

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Speaking Appearances

Conference: Directors Strategy & Credit Union Performance

Omni La Mansion del Rio Hotel
San Antonio, TX
April 24 -27, 2023

Join Tom Glatt and his fellow presenters at CU Conferences' Directors Strategy & Credit Union Performance conference. Tom will deliver three sessions ranging from strategy to board succession. These topics are described below. For complete conference details and registration, visit https://www.cuconferences.com/directors-strategy.

The Strategic Plan: Creating Effective Organizational Guidance

Boards and management teams can sit in a room and create a "strategic plan," but unless that plan incorporates information about the credit union's business model, and factors in critical environmental and competitor intelligence, then the plan itself will be an uninformed and relatively useless document. In this session Tom Glatt will help deepen your understanding of the planning process, teaching you how to capture key insight about your internal and external environment, and how to leverage that insight for the creation of a truly "strategic" strategic plan.

Risk Predisposition: Identifying and Leveraging the Board's Risk Profile

A board of directors has certain predispositions with respect to how it approaches and makes decisions involving risk. This predisposition is defined by the board's risk type and its risk aptitude, which are factors influenced by the risk predispositions of individual board members. A board composed of directors aware of their risk profiles will engage in more informed strategy and policy discussions, and make better decisions. In this session Tom Glatt will explore a concept called the Risk Type Compass, a tool your board can use to develop its risk profile awareness, and better leverage its profile type in carrying out its critical governance responsibilities.

Succession Readiness: Recruiting and Preparing Future Board Members

Many credit union boards believe a myth that there are few people willing to serve as credit union volunteers. However, the latest trend data on volunteering in America shows that more than 25% of Americans volunteer. Credit unions that have a difficult time finding volunteers just aren't engaging in ways that attract the many thousands of credit union members across the country that want to serve. In this session Tom Glatt will share the underlying volunteer trends with you, and then take you through a concept called the Governance Development Funnel, and structure you can use to reach and engage your population of potential volunteers.

Conference: Digital Transformation

Nugget Casino Resort
Reno, Nevada
July 13 - 16, 2023

Details coming soon

Conference: National Directors Roundtable

Hilton Resorts World Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 16 - 20, 2023

Details coming soon

Conference: Reaching Your Members

Details coming soon

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