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Planning Your Mortgage Strategy

Long-term housing market trends should influence your mortgage lending strategy. But which trends should you be paying attention to and why? And what strategic questions should you consider? Read the article

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Article: Q3 2022 HealthScore Update

The Q3 2022 industry HealthScore is 6.252, a decrease of 1.28% as compared to Q3 2021. This is the third straight quarter showing a year-over-year decrease. What are the causes, and should we be concerned about the months ahead? Read the article

Developing Your Business Model

Credit unions waste time trying to establish clarity of purpose through creation of mission and vision statements. A well-defined business model is a more worthwhile pursuit. Read the article

Article: High-Yield Interest

As consumer interest in high-yield savings accounts rises, credit unions face a new competitor that could change the marketplace dynamic. Read the article

Article: A Fully Effective Board

For boards to be truly effective, board members must possess skills relevant to both formal principles-based responsibilities and informal culture-based responsibilities. Read the article

Article: Q2 2022 HealthScore Update

The Q2 2022 industry HealthScore is 6.201, a decrease of 1.77% as compared to Q2 2021. This is the second straight quarter showing a year-over-year decrease. What are the causes, and should we be concerned about the months ahead? Read the article

Article: How Does Your Team Approach Risk?

Leadership teams have a certain center of gravity with respect to approaching and making decisions involving risk. In this post we explore the center of gravity concept, and outline how teams can be impacted by their center of gravity profile. Read the article

Article: Governing on Principle

In this article we explore creating a governance principles framework that allows a board’s activities and functions to be rooted in governance vs operational responsibilities.

Read the Article

Article: Effective Communication

We’ve been talking, as the human race, for thousands of years. You would think by now we would have figured this out.

Read the Article

Article: Leading with Emotion

In this article we define Emotional Intelligence, and explain the Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0 model is used to assess and develop individual and team emotional intelligence and skill.

Read the article

Article: Environmental & Competitor Threats

In this article we dive into the environmental issues and competitors credit unions tend to find most pressing, and how specific issues can be used to focus your own strategic discussion and decision making.

Read the article

Article: The Harmony in Alignment

Consistency is the hallmark of successful brands. McDonalds, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks and other companies like them all deliver the same experience no matter the location, route, or store. Read the Article

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Interview: Q1 2022 HealthScore Update

Tom Glatt joins Mike Lawson of CU Broadcast to discuss the latest credit union HealthScore. Watch

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