We help credit union executives and executive teams develop and leverage the skills and competencies required for effective leadership.

Process Overview

Our process involves three distinct phases designed to develop the emotional intelligence skills and risk predisposition awareness required for effective individual, team, and organization leadership. 

Activity 1: Assessment 

Assessment is the starting point of self-discovery, allowing the person or team completing an assessment to develop a baseline awareness of existing skills or tendencies. In addition, any given assessment resource offers an opportunity to create new vocabulary and concepts that can be used to visualize and drive improved skill and competency. For leaders and teams that desire to improve, assessment is the first step. To that end we help individuals and teams: 

Activity 2: Development Planning 

There are 15 unique emotional intelligence skills that, when strong, create a foundation for effective leadership of people. There are also a number of critical upside and downside behavioral tendencies to consider when navigating situations involving risk, not to mention five areas where risk-taking tolerance can be fine-tuned. The assessment process uncovers current skill levels and behavioral tendencies and tolerance. Development planning is the process of deciding how to respond. To that end we help individuals and teams: 

Activity 3: Plan Execution and Coaching

Coaching is a key component of executing a development plan. Coaching allows for working through development challenges, but more importantly it's an opportunity to obtain help, motivation, and support that keep development plans on track. To that end, we help individuals and teams: 

Critical Resource

We developed a tool to help us capture and manage individual and team leadership development plans. The tool, built on the Airtable platform, is easily accessible online ensuring all participants remain informed and engaged throughout the development process. 

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