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Glatt Consulting offers consulting solutions and leadership role-related support designed to help credit unions establish the foundational strength necessary to succeed in today's highly competitive financial marketplace.

Glatt Consulting offers a number of assessments designed to help credit union executives, directors, management teams, and boards improve skill sets and competency in areas critical to leadership, performance, and governance.

Glatt Consulting publishes the Credit Union Industry HealthScore. Created more than a decade ago, the HealthScore is an assessment model used to evaluate the performance of US-based credit unions.

Glatt Consulting produces articles and podcasts geared to credit union executives and directors that highlight industry strategy, structure, leadership, governance, and performance trends and issues.

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Planning Your Mortgage Strategy

Long-term housing market trends should influence your mortgage lending strategy. But which trends should you be paying attention to and why? And what strategic questions should you consider? Read the article


Q3 2022 HealthScore Update

The Q3 2022 industry HealthScore is 6.252, a decrease of 1.28% as compared to Q3 2021. This is the third straight quarter showing a year-over-year decrease. What are the causes, and should we be concerned about the months ahead? Read the article

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