Culture Consulting

Culture is a set of shared assumptions that guide interpretation and action in organizations. It also defines appropriate behavior for various situations. Within a credit union these assumptions determine the ways in which staff interact with one another, with members, and with other credit union stakeholders. How are these assumptions formed? Through the individual life experiences of staff as well as through the influence of, and interaction with, the organization itself.

Culture drives amazing performance when it is aligned with organizational context and design. Alternately, a culture misaligned will wreak havoc. We help credit unions harness the power of corporate culture for good, assessing the nature of cultural construction and influence and defining the strategies required to leverage (or change) organizational culture.

Culture Projects

We have worked on a variety of credit union culture projects, including:

  • Management restructuring
  • Sales and service improvement
  • Core values exploration and development
  • Culture change management
  • Management team coaching

Have a Culture Project In Mind?

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