HealthScore Trends

This page illustrates historical trends for the HealthScore overall, and current score snapshots for each state and asset peer group. Have questions or an interest in discussing the latest trends? Let us know. We are often are called to share trend data and outlook perspectives with boards and management teams alike. And if you're so inclined, subscribe to receive a complimentary quarterly HealthScore report for your credit union.

Industry Summary

The chart below illustrates the year-over-year percent change in the overall industry HealthScore. When the line is above zero, credit union HealthScores are generally improving for the industry. When the line is below zero health is generally declining.

Spotlight: Efficiency

Efficiency measures the relationship between income and expense. A low Efficiency (EF) score may indicate a need to improve earnings and/or better control expenses. A high score, though generally positive, may indicate a lack of necessary investment in operations and/or limited commitment to cooperative principles. The chart below highlights the year-over-year %change in the efficiency score. Industry efficiency has been declining year-over-year since December, 2019.