Glatt Consulting’s Business Model Structure Consulting solution is a development and facilitation experience designed to help your credit union build and implement a business model infrastructure aligned with its value propositions and strategic plan.

About This Discipline

Your Objectives

What do people want out of their business model? What do they want to know about it? Following is a list of commonly sought-after objectives we’ve distilled from our high-performing credit union clients:

  • They want a business model that aligns with their strategic expectations and outcomes.

  • They want a methodology for assessing how well their business model is performing.

  • They want to transition from an outdated business model.

  • They want a results-based, result-driven organizational structure (org chart) that aligns with their business model.

Our Support

Do you share these same kinds of objectives? If so, interested in how we can help you meet them? Here's our approach:

  • We work with you to document existing organizational structure using a “business model” construct.

  • We work with you to assess the performance of existing business model elements.

  • We work with you to develop a value proposition-driven business model and a transition plan for business model implementation.

  • We coach you through the execution of your transition plan.

  • We build a database tool for you that allows for ongoing management of your business model.


What do you gain as a result of working with Glatt Consulting? What is the deliverable for a business model consulting project?

  1. A value proposition-driven business model.

  2. New value-based departments and roles unique to your credit union.

  3. A methodology for business model performance evaluation.

  4. A database tool to document and manage your business model.

Ready to get started?

We'll put a draft quote together for you so you can get the details on project timelines and cost.

Engagement Scenarios

How have other clients put our business model consulting efforts to work for their benefit? For projects including:

  • Creating a new business model for an existing credit union

  • Creating a new business model for a proposed/de novo credit union

  • Expanding or changing a charter (field of membership)

  • Aligning merging credit unions

  • Preparing for CEO/leadership succession