Glatt Consulting's Strategy Consulting solution is a development and facilitation experience designed to help your credit union establish clarity about the member segments it desires to serve, the value propositions it offers to those segments, how it delivers on its value propositions, the basis of credit union/member segment relationships, and standards regarding revenue performance.

About This Solution


What do people want out of your strategy efforts? Following is a list of commonly sought-after objectives we’ve distilled from our high-performing credit union clients:

  • They want to build an understanding of risks and opportunity.

  • They want to establish value propositions that resonate with members and key membership segments, and that take marketplace risk into account.

  • They want to define bold strategies for the delivery of products and services.

  • They want clarity regarding the basis of the member/credit union relationship.

  • They want to establish firm guidance regarding revenue expectations.

Our Support

Do you share these same kinds of objectives? If so, interested in how we can help you meet them? Here's our approach:

  • We work with you to assess the environment, identifying key marketplace risks and opportunities.

  • We work with you to affirm your ideal market segments and establish value propositions that align with market segment needs while considering identified risks and opportunities.

  • We work with you to establish delivery channel strategies that will attract and engage members in each of your ideal market segments.

  • We work with you to create the framework guiding the development of member relationships.

  • We work with you to create a set of revenue performance standards used to guide operational planning and decision making.

  • We build a database tool for you that allows for the capture and management of your strategic plan.


What do you gain as a result of working with Glatt Consulting? What is the deliverable for a strategy consulting project?

  1. A strategic plan, captured in a dynamic database tool, that clearly defines your credit union’s ideal market segments, segment-specific value propositions, and related delivery channel and relationship strategies.

Ready to get started?

We'll put a draft quote together for you so you can get the details on project timelines and cost.

Engagement Scenarios

How have other clients put our strategy consulting efforts to work for their benefit? For projects including:

  1. Creating a strategic plan for an existing credit union

  2. Creating a strategic plan for a proposed/de novo credit union

  3. Expanding or changing a charter (field of membership)

  4. Aligning merging credit unions

  5. Preparing for CEO/leadership succession