About Mergers

Merger consulting helps you determine foundational non-negotiable merger standards and merger outcome expectations, using the combination of the two to identify and engage a merger marketplace, and, in the event a potential partner emerges, keeping you on top of the many steps necessary for a successful and beneficial combination.

Read on to learn more about our merger consulting process.

Use Case Scenarios

Here’s how clients have used our merger strategy consulting:

  • To create merger expectations alignment amongst team members

  • To work through contentious merger issues

  • To define and engage merger marketplaces

  • To evaluate merging as a leadership succession strategy

  • To evaluate offers to merge

  • To select a merger partner (to merge out)


In addition to our process and subject matter expertise, the following digital deliverables will be provided:

  1. Enterprise database (the results of discovery)

  2. Merger database

  3. Merger project management database (optional)

Process Summary

Discovery Prerequisite

We begin with a discovery process that allows us to build the baseline Enterprise database that we leverage in support of each of our consulting disciplines, including merger. Key components captured during discovery and that are relevant to our merger consulting effort include your business model. Learn more about Discovery.

Data Gathering Survey Activities

We utilize a number of team engagement surveys in order to build a complete picture of your merger business model outcome expectations and non-negotiable parameters. Basic business model data is collected during discovery. During a merger consulting project we seek additional input from your team to build on that data - data we capture in a rich, merger-specific database.

For example, we ask your team to identify which of the many business model elements defined during discovery are actually "merger relevant." These elements are then used during discussion, described below, to construct your merger expectation context. That context helps us help you further define potential merger markets and develop outreach, engagement and dialogue strategy.

Our data gathering survey interactions include:

  1. Merger questions and concerns survey

  2. Merger business model impact survey

  3. Merger expectations prioritization survey

  4. Existing relationship survey

Discussion and Decision Events

We spread out opportunities for discussion and decision making over the course of multiple months. This allows you time to properly prepare for each unique discussion/decision making interaction effort, preparation that includes reflecting on the decisions made to that point.

For example, once your team solidifies how specific business model elements are, or are not allowed to be affected in a merger, the next effort will focus on identifying the prioritization of those expectations. Your team needs time to think through the possible depth of business model changes in a merger context before exploring, and affirming discussion/negotiation prioritizations.

Our discussion and decision events are listed below. You'll note that there are a number of listed events. Thanks to the ease with which teams can meet using video conference technology, our events are entirely virtual, relatively short and focused, and spread out for the reasons described above.

  1. Process orientation meeting

  2. Merger questions and concerns discussion

  3. Business model impact discussion

  4. Expectations and prioritization discussion

  5. Market identification discussion

  6. Market outreach strategy development discussion

  7. Monthly progress/check-in

Outreach Execution

Once strategy for market outreach is developed it is time to execute that strategy. Often clients request that we also manage outreach execution on their behalf, usually because we have the bandwidth and expertise to do so, and also to minimize negative reputation repercussions for the client in their local area (relevant in the event the client's merger marketplace includes the client's own service area boundaries).

If you want us to be responsible for, or work hand-in-hand with you on outreach execution, we not only keep you updated via the merger database created to support the project, but we also engage you in monthly check-ins. Updates ensure you are informed about progress, interactions and response, and also on necessary changes to expectations in response to marketplace engagement results.

Merger Project Management

Ideally merger market outreach and engagement results in a potential partner ready to execute a Letter of Intent, start the due diligence process, and ultimately consummate a merger. Clients will often manage this process internally, but if you need extra assistance in ensuring all of the necessary steps of the process are completed in a timely manner, we can offer our support, as well as a special merger project management database created to keep track of project action items and collaboration amongst team members from each merging credit union.

Workflow Timeline Summary

Our work effort assumes a one-year engagement and process. The efforts unfold as follows:

  • Month 1:

    • Process orientation meeting

    • Discovery (for new clients)

  • Month 2:

    • Merger questions and concerns survey

    • Merger questions and concerns discussion

    • Merger business model impact survey

    • Business model impact discussion

  • Month 3:

    • Merger expectations prioritization survey

    • Expectations and prioritization discussion

    • Existing relationship survey

    • Market identification discussion

  • Month 4:

    • Market outreach strategy development discussion

    • Outreach execution and/or monthly progress/check-in

  • Months 5-12:

    • Continued outreach execution and/or monthly progress/check-in

Merger project management is scheduled when a merger project materializes, and only then if you need our assistance.

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