Glatt Consulting’s Leadership Consulting solution is an assessment and coaching experience designed to help build awareness of and improve both individual executive and executive team emotional intelligence and risk-based decision making skills.

About This Discipline

Your Objectives

What do people want out of your leadership development efforts? Following is a list of commonly sought-after objectives we’ve distilled from our high-performing credit union clients:

  • They want leaders to lead with emotional intelligence.

  • They want leaders who assess and respond to situations involving risk in reliable, consistent, and productive ways.

  • They want leadership development plans that push beyond tactical/job function-specific skills.

  • They want a construct for evaluating current and prospective executive soft skills and talent.

  • They want executive teams that work well together.

Our Support

Do you share these same kinds of objectives? If so, interested in how we can help you meet them? Here's our approach:

  • Using the Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0 assessment model (EQ-i 2.0), we assess the emotional intelligence of individual leaders and the executive team as a whole, and work with you to create responsive individual and team development plans focused on strengthening emotional intelligence skills.

  • Using the Risk-Type Compass assessment model, we identify the approach individual leaders and the executive team commonly use when making decisions involving risk, and work with you to create a “profile utilization” plan for leveraging risk-type profiles.

  • We coach individuals and executive teams through the execution of emotional intelligence development plans and/or risk-type profile utilization plans.

  • We build a database tool for you that allows for ongoing management of development plans.


What do you gain as a result of working with Glatt Consulting? What is the deliverable for a leadership development consulting project?

  1. A methodology for individual and executive team soft skill assessment and development.

  2. Soft skill standards for executive leadership roles.

  3. An assessment context for existing and prospective leadership candidates.

  4. Improved work relationships between individual executives and within teams.

  5. A database tool to manage development plans.

Ready to get started?

We'll put a draft quote together for you so you can get the details on project timelines and cost.

Engagement Scenarios

How have other clients put our leadership development consulting efforts to work for their benefit? For projects including:

  • Improving individual executive leadership soft skills and decision making

  • Improving executive team leadership soft skills and decision making

  • Team building

  • Assessing and developing teams in mergers

  • Executive succession planning

  • Executive search, assessment, and selection