Leadership & Succession

About Leadership & Succession

Leadership/succession consulting is about helping you determine whether the people in your organization have the proper development support necessary to ensure personnel quality and stability; evaluate readiness for succession transition and identify and prepare for transition risk; and respond, via individual development support, to leadership and succession demands and expectations.

Read on to learn more about our leadership and succession consulting process.

Use Case Scenarios

Here’s how clients have used our leadership/succession consulting:

  • To prepare for a known CEO succession event

  • To reduce unexpected succession event risk

  • To engage employees

  • To improve employee development programs and support

  • To assess staff (for new CEOs/leadership teams)

  • To develop volunteer bench strength

  • To engage prospective volunteers

  • To prepare for a new organizational structure


In addition to our process and subject matter expertise, the following digital deliverables will be provided:

  1. Enterprise database (the results of discovery)

  2. People database

Process Summary

Discovery Prerequisite

We begin with a discovery process that allows us to build the baseline Enterprise database that we leverage in support of each of our consulting disciplines, including leadership and succession. Key components captured during discovery and that are relevant to our leadership and succession consulting effort include your business model and organizational structure (departments). Learn more about Discovery.

Data Gathering Survey Activities

We utilize a number of engagement surveys in order to build a complete picture of your leadership structure and succession readiness status risk. Basic organizational data is collected during discovery. During a leadership and succession readiness consulting project we seek additional input from your team to build on that data - data we capture in a rich, leadership/succession-specific database.

For example, we ask your team to identify the ideal development requirements (or competencies) for C-Suite and other critical leadership positions as desired (board, vice presidents, etc.). These elements are then discussed in a subsequent discussion and decision event designed to formalize position-specific development and competency expectations. Decisions on development expectations are then utilized in subsequent surveys and in other areas of leadership development and succession readiness decision making.

Our data gathering survey interactions include:

  1. Readiness goal survey

  2. Development requirement survey

  3. Development programs/pathways survey

  4. Staff development “current state” assessment survey

Discussion and Decision Events

We spread out opportunities for discussion and decision making over the course of multiple months. This allows you time to properly prepare for each unique discussion/decision making interaction effort, preparation that includes reflecting on the decisions made to that point.

For example, once your team formalizes key position development/competency requirements, the next activity will be to determine how best to develop requirement-based skill. This effort involves consideration of existing development programs and the identification of potential new development options. Researching the many options available for how to develop leaders against expectations will take some time.

Our discussion and decision events are listed below. You'll note that there are a number of listed events. Thanks to the ease with which teams can meet using video conference technology, our events are entirely virtual, relatively short and focused, and spaced out for the reasons described above.

  1. Orientation meeting

  2. Development/succession goal review discussion

  3. Development requirement discussion

  4. Development programs/pathways recommendation discussion

  5. Development readiness status update and response discussion

  6. Tool training

  7. Deployment/launch team meeting

  8. Bi-monthly process quality/maintenance review meetings

Individual Development Support

On occasion, clients request that we engage individual team members in development plan review and recurring progress discussion/feedback sessions. Such support can be scheduled separately/contracted on a per-individual basis.

Workflow Timeline Summary

Our work effort assumes a one-year engagement and process. The efforts unfold as follows:

  • Month 1:

    • Orientation meeting

    • Discovery (for new clients)

  • Month 2:

    • Readiness goal survey

    • Development/succession goal review discussion

    • Development requirement survey

    • Development requirement discussion

  • Month 3:

    • Development programs/pathways survey

    • Development programs/pathways recommendation discussion

  • Month 4:

    • Staff development “current state” assessment survey

    • Development readiness status update and response discussion

  • Month 5:

    • Tool training

    • Deployment/launch team meeting

  • Months 6-12:

    • Bi-monthly process quality/maintenance review meetings

Individual development support begins after the deployment/launch meeting in month 5 if you desire such support.

Schedule an Engagement

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