We're tightly focused on four consulting disciplines: strategy, organizational structure, merger strategy and execution, and leadership and succession. Our work with boards and senior management teams at credit unions around the country have us well prepared to add valuable insight and support to credit unions. In addition, the discipline-specific processes we've developed over many years of client service are defined, highly in-depth, and results-driven.

We encourage you to learn about our pre-project discovery effort, and to browse through each of our consulting discipline description pages, accessible below, to learn more about how we specifically assist clients in each discipline - and also to scroll down for a broader look at the processes and connected systems that govern our client relationships and consulting activities.


Prior to starting a consulting project we work clients through a thorough a discovery process that allows us to develop a shared and thorough understanding of the client’s complete internal and external environment. Furthermore, the results of our discovery process form a firm foundation supporting each of our consulting disciplines. Learn more about Discovery.

Consulting Disciplines

We help credit unions establish the strategy needed to leverage business model strengths in response to future-oriented environmental threats and opportunity.

We help credit unions reorient departments, positions, and people to better support organizational strategic objectives and capitalize on environmental opportunity.

We help credit unions develop internal merger rationale and expectations, build out merger markets, and manage market outreach/engagement and merger execution projects.

We help credit unions establish developmental requirements for critical positions, identify and support development pathways for key personnel, and ready the organization for leadership succession.

Process and Systems

What defines our approach to our client and consulting project relationships? Browse through our summary slide show to get a basic idea of what's important to us as we manage client consulting projects. And when you're ready let's schedule a get-to-know-you video conference so that we can share more about who we are (individually and as a firm), and explore with you how you might be able to leverage our expertise for your benefit.

Consulting Process

How do we keep track of the many moving parts and voluminous data generation/output of complex consulting projects? With a set of client-specific connected databases. Browse through our summary slide show to get a basic understanding of our backend database structures. And when you're ready let's schedule a live database systems overview so we can show you how the parts come together in support of client projects and project deliverables.

Connected Systems